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North Jersey

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Northern New Jersey
we live in north jersey.

this community is meant to be a message board for all things pertaining to north jersey. restaurant reviews, questions, looking to sell/buy stuff, etc.

a few guidelines:

  • please stay on topic to north jersey/new jersey. this means refraining from advertising other communities unless they clearly relate or posting "it's my birthday today!" (just because you live in NJ doesn't make that on topic for this community).

  • please use a cut tag for large/multiple images.

  • please refrain from posting meme's & quizzes.

  • before you post anything that tells you to copy and repost/email to everyone you know and every community you're in, please use Snopes.com to check the accuracy of your claim.


also please check out boredinnj...a community devoted to doing fun stuff in nj.