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It's a new day, it's a new life

New consignment/thrift shop in Dumont (Bergen County)

[Mods: I don't know if business reviews are okay on here - If not, let me know and I'll take it down.]

In case anyone else on here is into thrift shopping... There is a really nice new consignment shop in Dumont, near where I live, called Beautiful Little Secret. The lady who owns it is really nice and committed to the environment and to helping the community, so I want to help get the word out. The location isn't ideal in terms of visibility, because there's not a lot of foot-traffic where she's located it's still kind of a "hidden gem" type of place. They have a good selection of women's (including plus size, hallelujah!) and kids clothing. A lot of jewelry and accessories, too. It's a more organized and upscale environment than other thrift shops... Much more pleasant than Goodwill. Mostly it's what they call "gently used" clothes, but I noticed a bunch of stuff that still has the tags on it, and a few vintage pieces. The store is really cute and I've found gifts there for a bunch of friends. The prices are really good. And they pay money for your old clothes as long as they are reasonably stylish and in good condition.

They don't have a website but they have a Facebook page:!/pages/Dumont-NJ/Beautiful-Little-Secret-Consignment-Gift-Shop/10150134043655534?v=wall&ref=ts
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